Potato Innovation

Season 4, Episode 11

In this Episode

Join us to learn about potato innovation! We'll visit the Spokane Club to make poutine and loaded pulled pork fries. Fries, cheese, and gravy? Yes, please! Then we'll stop by Tschirky Farms in Connell to see how technology changes how farmers farm, such as watering only when needed and how GPS is used in tractors. We'll visit the Napkin Friends food trucks that uses potato latkes instead of bread in their sandwiches. Then we visit with Professional Ag Services to see how infrared aerial photos help farmers see how their irrigation is working and improve sustainability. Next we'll stop at Lamb Weston's Innovation Center and visit their "Possibilities Kitchen." Finally, we'll wrap up in the 2nd Harvest kitchen with an international culinary ambassador to make a black forest ham and Washington potato waffle!