Season 6

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Episode 1 Potato Exports

  • Our season 6 premiere has international appeal! We're talking all about potatoes and how they are enjoyed both here in the United States and all around the world! We'll visit with the Washington State Department of Agriculture about exports and the importance of exports to agriculture in Washington. Then we'll tag along on an inbound trade mission where chefs from all around the world descend on Washington to learn how potatoes are grown here and then accept a challenge to come up with new and unique recipes featuring processed potatoes. Of course, no episode of Washington Grown would be complete without recipes! We'll visit Marination and learn the secret to their Aloha fries. And we're excited about a new feature to the show - making recipes from some of our viewers! In this episode, we feature an amazing potato casserole dish one of our viewers submitted.

Episode 2 Asparagus

  • Join us as we celebrate the "king of vegetables." We'll learn to make two delicious asparagus recipes at Cafe Campagne in Seattle where they serve up some of the fattest Yakima-grown asparagus to be found. We'll visit Imperial's Garden in Yakima to see how it is grown and the difficult work that goes into harvesting asparagus. Then it is off to Pasco to check out the Washington Asparagus Fest and Brews and we'll WISErg where they are making a unique fertilizer from grocery store waste!

Episode 3 Spinach

  • We're off to the Skagit Valley where they are growing a large portion of the world's spinach seed. And while we are there, we'll chat with Washington State University Extension in Mount Vernon about the work they are doing to help keep plants disease-free and facilitating a unique arrangement among local farmers to determine who grows what and where. And of course, we have lots of recipes for you, too! We'll visit Spinasse in Seattle and make a delicious spinach-stuffed pasta. We also get the secret to how the Seahawks stay healthy with a delicious spinach smoothie and finally wrap up with a view-submitted Christmas Spinach Quiche!

Episode 4 Raspberries

  • Check out Washington's tiny, tart, and tasty raspberries! We'll visit a raspberry farm in Lynden, WA at the peak of raspberry harvest and see the unique family-like atmosphere that exists on the farm. We'll also head to Mosby Farms in Auburn where we'll learn a little about the Washington State Farm Bureau and how it helps farmers and promotes agriculture. Then it is off to the Lyden Dutch Bakery where we'll make one of their huge, fresh raspberry pies! We take a stroll around the Country Mercantile near Pasco where we can see - and taste! - a whole variety of crops and products made from Washington grown produce. Finally, we'll wrap it up with another raspberry pie recipe sent in from one of our viewers!

Episode 5 Flowers

  • Eating flowers! We went there with this episode of Washington Grown! We'll visit Marmite and make not one but TWO dishes that incorporate flowers. And we'll visit Trinity Lavender Farm in George where we will see how they propagate, grow, distill, and use lavender from their farm. We'll also speak with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and how they inspect nurseries to protect both consumers and the plant industry from pests and diseases. And where do buyers get the freshest flowers? Short of going to the farm, the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market is the best place in Seattle - and is a farmer-owned coop to boot!

Episode 6 Cherries

  • Life's a bowl of cherries and we see just how sweet that is in this episode! We'll visit the oldest Rainier Cherry orchard in the world and see how they grow those sweet golden bites of deliciousness. And we'll head to Boots in Spokane to make a vegan, gluten-free cherry coffee cake. We'll talk with Northwest Cherry Growers to learn how they are getting northwest cherries around the world in 48 hours. A trip to Chukar Cherries will have you dreaming of visiting their chocolate factory in Prosser. And we'll wrap up with a viewer's no-bake cherry cheesecake recipe!

Episode 7 Peaches

  • Nothing is quite as sweet and delicious as a peach at the peak of ripeness! In this episode, we visit Tonnemaker Orchard in Royal City, where they have been growing peaches for decades, as well as lots of other produce! And we'll make a vegan peach cheesecake at Harvest Beat. We'll meet a woman sharing the culture of agriculture - one story at a time. And you can't talk peaches without mentioning peach cobbler! We'll make a viewer-submitted peach cobbler recipe!

Episode 8 Wine

  • Join us for a Washington wine experience! We're headed to Walla Walla where we'll see it all - from field to bottle! We'll visit Pepper Bridge Vineyard - one of the first in Walla Walla. We head to Walla Walla Community College to see how they are training students to do it all - from growing grapes to making wine. At Sipid Bites we'll have a unique bites and wine pairing experience which matches specific small plates with Seven Hills wines - all chosen for you! Then we'll head to Northstar Winery for a chance to blend our own unique bottle of Washington Grown wine. Finally, we'll wrap it up with a lovely viewer-submitted pasta dish that includes wine in this yummy classic.

Episode 9 German Potatoes

  • Guten Tag! We're all about potatoes this episode - with a German flair! We'll visit Rein Haus and make a German classic comfort food - warm German potato salad. And we are visiting a Hutterite colony in Eastern Washington - Stahl Farm - where we will not only get to see how they live but get a glimpse of their 5,000+ acre potato operation. And you can't talk German potatoes without stopping by Deutsches Fest in Odessa where they are keeping many German traditions - and foods! - alive.

Episode 10 Apples

  • Apples are the iconic Washington-grown fruit! We visit Allie's Vegan Pizzaria in this episode and make an amazing vegan apple pizza. At Gebber's Farms we'll see how they are growing apples in a high-density apple orchard and learn what it would take to start a new orchard today. And we'll chat with Washington Fruit & Produce about the amazing technology that goes into sorting apples in their packing shed. Finally, we talk to the "apple detective" who is locating and helping to preserve lost apple varieties!

Episode 11 Small Farms

  • The only thing small about this episode is the farms! We've packed this one full of great stuff, including a visit to Schuh Farms in Mount Vernon, talking with the Spokane County Master Gardener program, and learning about a program called Vets on the Farm and making a delicious cauliflower dish at Klink's Resort.

Episode 12 Underground

  • In this episode, we're going underground! We visit Urban Eden Farm in Spokane and learn about some of the crops they grow underground and how they care for their soil. We'll also talk with the Washington State Soil Health Committee about what farmers are doing in the state to improve soil health. We make a delicious beet salad at Salare and get a unique burger recipe from a viewer as well! Finally, we visit 2nd Harvest to learn how they are bringing food security to the area as well as helping clients learn how to prepare healthy food.

Episode 13 Herbs

  • This episode is out of this world! Not only will we be talking about herbs, including visiting Steel Wheel Farm and Mesa de Vida, but we'll also head to Washington State University to learn about the Final Frontier Plant Habitat - where we talk about growing plants in space! Of course, no episode would be complete without a stop at a local restaurant to whip up an amazing recipe - this time at Bruncheonette!