Season 1

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Episode 1 Potato Side Dishes

  • In this episode, we're talking "all things potatoes". We'll check out the Palace Kitchen in downtown Seattle where we'll learn some great potato recipes. We're also in Pasco at a potato farm and then to Tim's Cascade chips to see how they use Washington Potatoes. We finish the day in the kitchen learning a delicious potato vegetable soup recipe.

Episode 2 Berries and More

  • We're talking all about Washington Grown Berries. We'll visit Sakuma Brothers berry farm in the Skagit valley and learn about the history of the farm that was almost lost in WWII. We'll see how Freezerves Jam is making its way to your local grocery store.

Episode 3 Breakfast Foods

  • We are starting with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. We'll visit Willamette Egg farms in Moses Lake, WA to see what a large scale egg operation looks like. We'll chat with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and talk about what they do to help make sure what we eat is safe. We'll also learn about the Farm to School program and how this program makes an effort to feed students with nutritious food from local family farms. We'll finish off with learning how to make a delicious overnight oatmeal and homemade muffins as a great way to start the day.

Episode 4 Dairy

  • In this episode we are going to learn all about the world of Dairy. We will visit Beecher's handmade cheese in Seattle where we make Beecher's world best mac and cheese. We then travel to the Cow Palace in Zillah, WA to see how they milk over 7,000 cows each day. We'll talk about dairy production with the Washington Dairy Products Commission and visit Darigold and see how they work with local dairy farmers to bring you high quality dairy products. We end in the kitchen to make some delicious homemade pasta and cheese.

Episode 5 Beer and Spirits

  • Today we are talking all about Washington Beer. We will visit Waddell's Pub & Grille which has an extensive selection of WA brews on tap. We'll also visit Sunnyside and see the process of growing WA Hops. We'll learn about the Columbia Basin Project and how it paved the way for Washington's booming agricultural economy. We'll also visit Dry Fly Distillery to learn their process of creating award-winning Spirits.

Episode 6 Fast Food

  • This episode of Washington Grown is all about fast food. We learn about the history of Dick's Hamburgers, Spokane's most popular fast food restaurant for almost 50 years. We talk to Frank Martinez in Warden, WA who grows and supplies potatoes for fast food french fries. The Alliance for Potato Research and Education will share with us about the nutrition of potatoes and we take a trip to the ballpark for some delicious game day food at Safeco Field. Finally, you won't want to miss this week's recipe, "Fast Frittatas".

Episode 7 Pies And Berries

  • In Wenatchee, we visit Stemilt Orchards where they grow Stemilt's world famous cherries. We have a conversation with Gov. Jay Inslee about how Washington's agricultural industry sets us apart from the rest. We visit Cyrus O'Leary pies in Airway Heights and learn how the pies are made with Washington local grown ingredients. Finally, In the Kitchen we learn to make deconstructed apple pie.

Episode 8 Holiday/Thanksgiving

  • We all love the holidays. In this episode we talk with Chef Ethan Stowell about his restaurant Staple & Fancy and we learn how to make one of his favorite holiday dishes. We also talk with a registered dietician about some tips for the holidays when it comes to all the food. We sit down with the WSDA and learn how its history has evolved over the last 100 years. We drop by Coulee City to tour the Isaak Brother's farm to learn about the history of the farm and then we finish shopping with our home chef Kristin as she teaches us how to pick out the best products.

Episode 9 Mmmmmm Bread!

  • All about Bread! Check out Grand Central Bakery in Seattle who makes famous artisan breads that the locals love. Hear from a 4th generation farmer about wheat farming in Washington state and visit 2nd Harvest in Spokane, who has been feeding people in need for over 40 years. Finally, join us in the kitchen as we learn to make buttery delicious monkey bread.

Episode 10 Time For Pizza!

  • What goes into making a delicious pizza? We will talk about this as we visit South Perry Pizza in Spokane where they use fresh and local ingredients. We stop by Joseph's Grainery and talk about the milling process and their passion to be a reliable source of thoroughly cleaned whole grains direct from the farm. We sit down with the WSDA and talk about the importance of WA Agriculture on our economy and we get to work at River Valley Cheese.

Episode 11 All About Wine and Grapes

  • Why has Washington become world-renowned for wine grapes? We'll talk about this as we visit Walla Walla, 2nd in the nation only just behind Napa Valley when it comes to wine. We'll spend time at L'Ecole NO. 41 and learn the history of this popular winery and take a look at the process from vine to bottle. We also visit Seattle's Wine Academy to learn the fine art of tasting and pairing wine and we stop by WSU to talk about the science behind wine.

Episode 12 All About Beef!

  • In this episode, we check out the Metropolitan Grill and see how they cook up some of the best steaks in Seattle. We'll learn some tips for grilling steak and learn a unique potato dish to pair it with. We'll swing by Charlton Farms in Ellensburg to see what life is like on a family cattle ranch. At the Spokane County Fairgrounds where we will learn all about the Future Farms of America and their impact on today's youth.

Episode 13 Sweet Treats!

  • All about sweet treats! We are in Spokane at Sweet Frostings where we will tour the bake shop and learn the secret behind their popular cupcakes. We learn about dry-land wheat farming and how it helps feed people all around the world. We stop into A Piece of Cake Bakery in Seattle and learn how Washington wheat is being used to create a variety of Asian pastries. Then we will learn how to make decadent triple chocolate cookies.