Season 4

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Episode 1 Party Time

  • Don't miss this party episode! We'll visit Pomegranate Bistro to cook up a crispy fried chicken appetizer - chicken and waffles. We'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at All Recipes. We'll also visit Thaemert Farms in George, WA to see what it takes to grow the perfect potatoes for potato chips. Finally, see how we make a unique potato salad!

Episode 2 All about beef

  • In this episode we're talking about Washington raised beef - from ranch to plate! We'll visit a cow-calf operation in Harrah at JT Ranch. Then we'll visit a beef feedlot in Othello at C&G cattle company. And we'll stop by a Seattle restaurant, Poppy, to cook up some tasty ribs. Then we'll visit a beef processing plant before finally cooking up a Thai-inspired steak salad!

Episode 3 Red Raspberries Rock

  • If you love raspberries, you won't want to miss this episode! We're cooking a delicious "smothered" biscuit with raspberries at the Biscuit Box food truck. Then we'll see how raspberries are grown and harvested at KS Sidhu Farm in northwest Washington. We'll also visit the Northwest Berry Coop to see how Washington processes 95% of the nation's frozen and processed raspberries. Then we visit with the director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Derek Sandison, about agriculture in Washington. Our nutritionist will talk about the health benefits of raspberries, which actually come from the rose family! Then we're off to Cockrell Cider Farms where we'll pick some raspberries and then press them for cider. And of course, we'll taste some of that delicious cider! Finally, we'll head to the Second Harvest kitchen to make a to-die-for and fool-proof raspberry chocolate mousse.

Episode 4 Women in Agriculture

  • Girl power! This episode is all about women in agriculture! We'll visit Bosma Ag to see how the ladies are getting busy running an apple orchard. And we'll visit the Blackbird in Spokane to make a tasty chicken dish - and blow up mozzarella! We'll also see how ethnic food is enhanced by fresh Washington grown produce. We'll also visit DelMonte and see how they process fresh peas. We wrap in the 2nd Harvest kitchen in Spokane to make a Bombay Chopped Street Salad!

Episode 5 Shellfish and Seafood

  • Come with us as we visit Hama Hama Co to see how they grow world-renowned oysters. Then we're off to Sweet Laurette in Port Townsend to prepare a seafood bouillabaisse. Next we talk about keeping water clean with the Clallam Tribe and the Clallam County Conservation District. Then we're off to visit Sea Bear to see how they smoke their salmon! Finally, we're back in the kitchen at 2nd Harvest to make salmon in parchment.

Episode 6 Fresh Potatoes

  • We're whipping up fresh cut fries and a burger on a potato bun at Beardslee Public House. We'll also visit Morrison Farms in Mount Vernon to see how red potatoes are grown and talk about some of the challenges of farming, such as having too much or not enough water. We'll also talk with the USDA research station in Prosser as they research and develop better potatoes in Washington. Then we'll visit Easterday Farms potato packing facility in Pasco to see how fresh potatoes get from the field to bags in the supermarket. Finally, we're back in the kitchen at 2nd Harvest making a northwest twist on Hasselback potatoes!

Episode 7 Dairy

  • Join us as we visit Art of the Table to cook up some ricotta stuffed ravioli. We'll chat with a nutritionist about the health benefits of dairy. Then we're off to Enumclaw to visit the Krainick Dairy and visit their 2,600 dairy cattle farm and see how they deal with all the manure making a sustainable compost! Tomas tests people on the street to see if they can tell the difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt. Then we're off to another farm, Grace Harbor Farms in Custer, WA to visit their creamery and try many of their milk products. We wrap up at 2nd Harvest to make a delectable Éclair Cake.

Episode 8 Game On

  • Get your game on with Washington Grown! First, we'll see how alkali bees' game makes Washington's alfalfa seed industry possible at Wagoner Farm in Walla Walla. We're also at Method Juice Cafe to make juices and smoothies that help you keep on your game. Our nutritionist will tell you how to fuel for and recover from a race. And do you ever wonder who grows that lovely lawn you play sports on? We're talking with turfgrass seed growers and some of the professional fields in the country that grow turf from seed grown right here in Washington. Then we are off to Safeco Field to see what the players are eating! Finally, our last stop will be in the kitchen at 2nd Harvest with Chef Bella to make some delicious nutritious Indian food!

Episode 9 Top Fruit

  • In this episode, we're off to Mountain View Berries to see how they harvest those delicious blueberries and how they save water while irrigating. Then we'll see how they are processed and packed to be shipped to your family. And we'll learn about how tree fruit farmers are fighting pests in our state using integrated pest management. You won't want to miss our visit to Ethos Trattoria to make a blueberry polenta cake. In Quincy, we visit Stimilt growers and find out how to pick an apple and then visit Double Diamond Fruit to see how apples are cleaned and packed. Finally, we're back in the 2nd Harvest kitchen with our food blogger to make a pear panini and a pear and mango chutney!

Episode 10 Apple Pie

  • In this episode of Washington Grown, we're celebrating apple pie - from the crust to the ice cream on top! We visit Stemilt Growers in Mattawa to see how they grow fresh and delicious apples and how they develop new varieties. Then we'll join Shepherd's Grain on a tour of a wheat grower's farm, Nollmeyer Farms in Reardan. There they talk about sustainable farming and no-till farming. Then we're off to Freemont to visit Pie to make a individual serving salted caramel apple pies. We'll top off our pie with a visit to Snoqualmie Ice Cream made with Smith Brother's Farm milk. Finally, we'll wrap up with Kristin at 2nd Harvest's kitchen to make an apple pie granola bar.

Episode 11 Potato Innovation

  • Join us to learn about potato innovation! We'll visit the Spokane Club to make poutine and loaded pulled pork fries. Fries, cheese, and gravy? Yes, please! Then we'll stop by Tschirky Farms in Connell to see how technology changes how farmers farm, such as watering only when needed and how GPS is used in tractors. We'll visit the Napkin Friends food trucks that uses potato latkes instead of bread in their sandwiches. Then we visit with Professional Ag Services to see how infrared aerial photos help farmers see how their irrigation is working and improve sustainability. Next we'll stop at Lamb Weston's Innovation Center and visit their "Possibilities Kitchen." Finally, we'll wrap up in the 2nd Harvest kitchen with an international culinary ambassador to make a black forest ham and Washington potato waffle!

Episode 12 Chicken

  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Washington chicken is raised! We'll visit Guild Road Ranch, a chicken farmer for Foster Farms. See how they are raised, fed, and watered on this commercial farm. Then we'll visit a pop-up restaurant called Morning Star to make a Moroccan-inspired chicken dish. Then we'll chat with WSU about pesticides and their toxicity and whether people should be concerned about pesticide residues. Tomas hits the street to try out Jamaican Jerk chicken. Then we are off to a 4-H student who shows poultry and the benefits of 4-H for kids. Finally, we'll wrap up at 2nd Harvest to make easy, family-friendly Cajun chicken pasta.

Episode 13 Grilling

  • Don't miss this episode all about grilling! We'll visit the Downriver Grill in Spokane to make a mouth-watering grilled pork chop with bacon poached potatoes you will definitely not want to miss. We'll visit Gauntt Farms in Wallula to talk about how Washington hay makes the best beef and why sustainability is important to to alfalfa growers. And we'll learn how alfalfa makes its own fertilizer! Then, after Tomas visits a grilling event, we'll visit a cattle rancher to see how he is working with the conservation district to protect the environment on the Yakama Nation, where Jack Field raises several cattle. And how do you grill for 4,000 people? We find out by tagging along with Longhorn Barbecue. Finally, we'll wrap it up at the 2nd Harvest kitchen and make some grilled pears and of course, steak!