Season 4, Episode 13

In this Episode

Don't miss this episode all about grilling! We'll visit the Downriver Grill in Spokane to make a mouth-watering grilled pork chop with bacon poached potatoes you will definitely not want to miss. We'll visit Gauntt Farms in Wallula to talk about how Washington hay makes the best beef and why sustainability is important to to alfalfa growers. And we'll learn how alfalfa makes its own fertilizer! Then, after Tomas visits a grilling event, we'll visit a cattle rancher to see how he is working with the conservation district to protect the environment on the Yakama Nation, where Jack Field raises several cattle. And how do you grill for 4,000 people? We find out by tagging along with Longhorn Barbecue. Finally, we'll wrap it up at the 2nd Harvest kitchen and make some grilled pears and of course, steak!