Season 3

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Episode 1 Frozen Potatoes

  • In this episode, we're talking all about frozen potatoes! Meet the Pink Family. They grow potatoes on their diverse farm near Pasco, WA. Then we're off to Radiator Whiskey to learn the secrets of their tater tots and brisket. See what everyone thinks of the garlic fries at Safeco field and wrap it up by seeing the life of a French fry - from field to being enjoyed by people around the world!

Episode 2 Blueberries

  • Join us as we visit Samson Farms in Everson, one of the largest blueberry farms in the state. We also get a behind the scenes look at how blueberries and raspberries are preserved at the peak of freshness at Enfield Farms with IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) process. And if you've ever had a Blueberry Blintz from Blueberry Hills near Lake Chelan, you won't want to miss this episode, where you will FINALLY get that super secret recipe. We wrap it up at Evolve Truffles making a blueberry cardamon truffle!

Episode 3 Hay

  • In this episode, we're talking about beef and what makes it so great: Washington's hay! Meet hay farmer Drex Gauntt and see how he uses technology to be a better farmer and more environmentally friendly. We'll also visit Anderson Hay to talk about hay exports. On the food front, we're visiting Ricardo's in Lacey to make a Tomahawk Steak and you won't want to miss the behind-the-scenes look at the WSU Creamery!

Episode 4 Sweet Corn

  • In this episode, we are talking about another crop that Washington is the number one producer of: sweet corn! We'll visit El Gaucho in Seattle and learn how to make their delicious grilled sweet corn with chipotle honey lime butter. We're off to George to visit the Williamson family and see how they are growing sweet corn. From there we will go to Quincy Foods to see how corn is frozen at the peak of freshness and nutritional quality to be enjoyed all year long. Finally, we'll talk with Washington State University extension about how farmers are managing pests that try to eat corn before we can.

Episode 5 Youth

  • You won't want to miss our youth episode! Meet a rock star FFA member, Maya Wahl, as she takes you around her family farm and shares her vision for the future of agriculture. And we'll visit Skillet Diner to make some awesome powdered cake doughnut holes. We'll also meet a YouTube cooking sensation, Cook with Amber. All this and more!

Episode 6 Heritage of Wheat

  • In this episode, we'll be talking about how technology has changed over the past few years, and you'll get to see what it is like behind the wheel of one of those giant combines! We'll also visit the McGregor Company to see how they are helping implement the latest research and technology on Washington farms. And you won't want to miss our visit to Italia Trattoria, where we'll be making an old-time traditional Italian pasta dish! All this and - of course! - much more in this episode of Washington Grown!

Episode 7 Red Potatoes

  • This episode is all about Red Potatoes! We'll meet the Knutzen family in the Skagit Valley who have been farming in the area for six generations. We'll also visit the Calico Cupboard to find out how they make their popular Skagit Valley Hash. We'll talk withSkagitonians to Preserve Farmland to talk about the effects of urban sprall on farming. Finally, we'll visit Skip Rock Distillers to see how they make their award winning potato vodka!

Episode 8 Water

  • We're talking all about Washington water and its importance for both farmland and seafood! We'll also visit Matt's at the Market to learn how to prepare a tasty salmon dish. And we'll visit Nicole Berg's farm to see how water transformed their dryland farm into an irrigated bread basket!

Episode 9 Sheep

  • Join us this week as we talk all about sheep! We'll visit two farms in this episode! Feustel Farms is a sheep ranch and Tomas is learning what it takes to raise sheep by helping out on the ranch. We'll also visit Ring of Trees Farm where they raise sheep and make cheese from the sheep milk. Of course we're heading to a well known restaurant - Tilth! We'll be making a delicious lamb dish with cherries and polenta!

Episode 10 Bees

  • Get the buzz on bees in this episode! We'll visit with Eric Olson from Olson Honey, one of the largest beekeepers in the state. And we'll talk with Washington State University about the latest research on bees and bee health. And we'll learn about making meak aka honey wine with Hierophant Meadery. Finally, don't miss this recipe from The Wandering Table - a wonderful dessert featuring two kinds of honey!

Episode 11 Pears

  • Washington is the leading producer of pears in the nation! In this episode, we'll visit Stamps Orchards and talk about growing pears and some of the challenges they face. We'll also visit Matson Fruit Company to see how they are packing pears to ship all over the world. And we're off to see how WSU's AgWeatherNet is helping farmers make smart decisions on their property. Finally, you won't want to miss our pear tart recipe from Rocket Bakery!

Episode 12 Leftovers

  • Leftovers never looked so good! In this episode we're taking a look at how farmers use "leftovers" to improve their farms! We'll visit Cascade Agronomics and see how they make composted fertilizer from manure. We'll also visit Frenchman Coulee and see the leftovers from the ice age floods! And don't miss our trip to FareStart to learn a great way to use those leftover mashed potatoes!

Episode 13 Wine

  • The wine industry has exploded in the state of Washington where there were 80 wineries 20 years ago, and now there are more than 850. In today's episode, we'll see the wine process from start to finish. We visit Kiona vineyards and talk about what makes a high-quality grape for the best wine.