Keeping your cup (and plate) full with Mediterranean style eating

By Craig T. Hunt RDN   In the current ‘food is thy medicine’ climate of nutrition and well-being, it’s easy to become fixated on what Americans are not doing right. Even t… Read More

(Mar 31, 2014)

Lifting the Hood on Whole Grains

By Craig T. Hunt RDN Whole-grains are one of the rising nutritional mega stars of 2014. By now, most people are familiar with the term, but if asked to provide a definition of whole-grains, many pe… Read More

(Feb 12, 2014)

Raise your glass!

By Craig T. Hunt RD New York City’s Times Square ball has dropped, and people around the globe have posted a fresh 2014 calendar page. During my family’s celebration, our wheat-farming … Read More

(Jan 7, 2014)

Spring Fever

The first day of spring has come, the days are getting longer, the soil is warming up and that means that it's time to start thinking about a vegetable garden. My garden each year has varied drast… Read More

(Apr 1, 2014)

Eating Fresh in the Off Season

As we are still a few weeks away from the opening of my local farmers market and my garden is just in its prepping stage, the only place I can go right now to get fresh fruits and vegetables is the gr… Read More

(Mar 21, 2014)

Cooking with Kids

I still vividly remember the morning that my 5-year-old self decided to make my parents breakfast in bed. I had often watched my mom in the kitchen and had confidence that I could cook something delic… Read More

(Feb 13, 2014)

Spring Planting!

Timing is everything. Cliché, but oh so very true in farming. The hardest part, though, is knowing just when that perfect time is. I could have planted some of my spring barley in the last week… Read More

(Apr 7, 2014)

Oil change

I drove by a sign today offering an oil change and “complete service, only $29.95." It made me smile strangely – I think it’s called a ‘wry’ smile - thinking th… Read More

(Mar 12, 2014)

Meeting Season

Its Winter.  Outside work is pretty much out of the question and farmers have been in their shops long enough.  That is why January through March is meeting season. When the sun comes out… Read More

(Feb 20, 2014)

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