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Carillon Kitchen Turkey Confit Club

Carillon Kitchen Turkey Confit Club
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Total Time:
24 hrs

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Carillon Kitchen Turkey Confit Club


Season turkey with salt and pepper

Place shallots, rosemary & garlic in pan.

Layer turkey in pan with seasonings.

Sit in refrigerator overnight (36 hours).

After marination, pour duck fat into pan and let cook overnight.


Tomato Jam:

Heat up olive oil with fresh basil.

Add shallots, skinless and seedless tomato. Cook down.

Add red wine vinegar.

Add 4 tablespoons of sugar.

Cook down on slow and low heat until almost all liquid has evaporated and it’s a “jam-like” consistency.


Make a sandwich/club with your favorite baguette, the jam, white cheddar (we like Beechers!), add bacon and toast it. Add tomato slices, baby kale and avocado. Yum!

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