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Season 9 Episodes

How Ag Moves

Season 9 Episode 7

From plains, trains, barges, and semi-trucks, Washington agriculture relies on transportation to get our food from one place to another. Board a 747 jet packed with cherries bound for Asia, and make an amazing garlic sourdough loaf at Rind and Wheat in Spokane. Learn about how trains help transport wheat across the world and visit a wheat farmer! Dig into a PB&J burger from the Increditruck and learn about transplanting starts from Whitney.

Ryan Poe Farm | Heartline, WA
⇨ Rail Transport | WSDOT & Highline Grain
Rind and Wheat Bakery | Spokane, WA
Increditruck PB&J Burger | Spokane, WA
Farmer's Garden | Transplanting Starts
⇨ Shipping Cherries at Grant County International Airport
⇨ In the Kitchen at 2nd Harvest | High Rise Dinner Rolls

Original Air Date: 2/15/22

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