Beardslee Public House

Beardslee Public House’s history stretches back to 2007, when Chef John Howie first dreamt of creating a casual restaurant with outstanding food and impeccable service. His dream included using local elements as much as possible – from turning the trees of the site into beautiful custom tables to creating delectable dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients with every element made in house to handcrafting beers with Washington ingredients. When Chef Howie came upon Beardslee Crossing, he instantly saw potential. Along with partner Erik Liedholm and Master Brewer Drew Cluley, Chef Howie spent several years passionately perfecting each and every aspect. The result of that determination is an exceptional restaurant experience that embodies Pacific Northwest comfort. In 2015, Chef Howie was finally ready to share his dream that is Beardslee Public House.

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Fresh Potatoes

Fresh Potatoes

Season 4 Episode 6
Air Date: 2/06/2017

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