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Araya's Signature Potato Curry

Araya's Signature Potato Curry
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Massaman Curry Paste (combine):

- 50 grams red chilis
- 10 grams galangal (may substitute ginger)
- 50 grams lemongrass (try Safeway for this one)
- 10 grams coriander roots
- 10 grams coriander seeds
- 10 grams cumin seeds
- 5 grams bay leaf
- 10 grams cinnamon sticks
- 100 grams shallots, sliced
- 150 grams garlic
- 10 grams white peppercorns
- 15 grams salt

Potato Curry:

- 600 grams WA Potatoes, cut into 4-centimeter squares
- 100 grams massaman curry paste (above)
- 1000 milliliters coconut milk
- Salt
- 120 milliliters tamarind juice (can be found online or discover your local Asian market! No substitutes.)
- 100 grams palm sugar (can be found online or discover your local Asian market! Can substitute light brown sugar in a pinch.)
- 50 grams roasted cashews/peanuts (if you're allergic to nuts, you may wish to add this crunchy element in the form of roasted sunflower seeds or roasted pumpkin seeds)
- 60 grams onions, peeled and cut into 6 equal pieces
- 300 grams potatoes, boiled, peeled, and cut into 2 cm squares
- Roasted cinnamon sticks
- Star anise
- Bay leaves
- Thai chilies

Melt coconut oil in pan and add three cloves of crushed garlic. Add massaman curry paste and coconut milk. Then add tamarind sauce, palm sugar and salt, constantly stirring. Add potatoes to the curry.  Stir in roasted cashews or peanuts. Add roasted cinnamon sticks, star anise, bay leaves and thai chilies as a garnish.


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