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Happy New Year!

My holiday decorations are all packed away, I’ve eaten more than my fair share of sweet treats, the kids are back in school and I’m trying to get my feet under me for 2015. I know sometimes resolutions can seem dreadful, but I like the opportunity they give me to evaluate my life choices. Ringing in the New Year shouldn’t be about blaming and shaming yourself, but rather about being intentional.

Food is one thing that connects everyone. We all need food. We all eat food. But sometimes life gets busy and before we know it we’ve formed mindless eating habits. We’re lackadaisically grabbing the quickest or cheapest things at the supermarket, indulging in midnight pantry raids, and frequenting the fast food drive-thru. When we’re trapped in these ruts we’re missing out on the magic of food. Food can be so much. It can bond families, make friends, and strengthen neighbors. All we need to do is choose to be mindful about it.

As you start 2015, I challenge you to be a more intentional eater. Make this the year you attach more meaning to what you’re eating. Perhaps you overheard a talk show host praising whole grains. Then read the labels and try a new bread the next time you’re at the store. I’ve found first-hand how small changes can make a big difference in health, attitude and taste.

As for me, this year I’m trying to find a way to streamline and consolidate the weekly cooking I do for my family. I also determined that my yearly cooking resolution will be mastering great homemade bagels and pretzels. I’ve already given the bagels a first attempt and let’s just say it’s a good thing I have a year to get it just right. Happy New Year!