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Season 7 Episodes


Season 7 Episode 5

Summary: Travel to Walla Walla and learn how pulses are grown at Ferrel Family Farms and packaged at Blue Mountain Seed! Then we will travel over to Seattle to see how Eve Fremont cooks up Washington lentils in their delicious beans and greens bowl!


Farm: Ferrel Family Farms (Walla Walla) - Chickpeas

Interview: Pulse Commission research on obesity and pulses

Restaurant/Recipe: Eve Freemont (Seattle)/Beans and Greens Bowl-Lentils

Food Truck/Recipe: Mediterranean Mixta (Issaquah)/Mixta-Chickpeas and rice

Nutritionist: Rich in fiber, a complex carbohydrate that promotes proper digestion and gut health 

Bonus: Blue Mountain Seed (Walla Walla)

2nd Harvest Kitchen: AllRecipes - Middle Eastern Rice with Black Beans & Chickpeas

Original Air Date: 2/4/20


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