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Licking the Spoon

Licking the Spoon
Licking the Spoon
By Craig T. Hunt RDN
Your New Year
diet is getting tested with billboards directing you to
Lick the Spoon
of dreamy chocolate frosting. Stow-away holiday candy
from the glovebox, coupled with your favorite candy bar now at the
hardware check out area isn
t making things any easier. Aside from a
few echoing hunger pangs you
re feeling the glow of success, especially
with the 10 pounds that you
ve shed. Y
even enjoying eating
vegetable-based soups and have added salads
Household occupants
are supportive but it almost feels like they
waiting you out
like diet
strikers. This is
e day at a time and you
re trying to not fret about
what will this look like when you
re off the diet. But eventually you
need to make a transition from diet to lifestyle eating, and this is
shington grown foods are here to help. Lifestyle foods include whole
grains, legumes, potatoes (yes, potatoes
re packed with fiber,
vitamin C, and potassium), a rainbow of colorful vegetables and fruits,
lean beef, poultry, yogurt, cheese, lamb, and salmon. Think of
Washington grown foods as your food-medicine chest that provides a
wide spectrum of nutrients for health and weight management
including a consistent variety of Washington grown foods and being
mindful of your intake (eating when you
re hungry, stopping before
re too full) you
ll have room to occasionally
lick the spoon

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