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Wedding Garden Resolutions

Wedding Garden Resolutions

Like many people, I struggle to keep my resolutions each year, so this year I’m making resolutions I know I can keep. I’m calling them my “Wedding Garden Resolutions.” Here is what I mean:

Something Old

In the drive to have the latest, greatest vegetables and flowers, many of the classic, old-school plants have fallen by the wayside. Remember your grandma’s garden? What did she have that is missing from your garden? From hollyhocks to roses to pinks to even love-in-a-mist, these plants are becoming rare in modern gardens, but can bring a not only beauty but fond memories to your yard. TIP: Some of these flowers are edible, too!

Something New

One of my favorite things each year is picking out something new to grow. I love to find things that I can’t buy in the grocery store, especially tomatoes. There are so many varieties of tomatoes that you can literally grow a tomato rainbow garden. Or what about purple carrots, or white beets? Make room for something you’ve never grown before in your garden. TIP: You’ll have the greatest selection for something new if you look for seeds and start them on your own.

Something Borrowed

Who doesn’t love free plants? One of the beautiful thing about many plants is how easy they are to propagate. Spring can be a good time for dividing and sharing plants. Consider attending or hosting a plant exchange in order to increase the variety of plants you grow, all at no cost! Or, if you see a plant you love in a friend’s yard, ask if you can take a cutting. TIP: Some plant breeders prohibit unlicensed propagation of their plants, so be sure that it is okay to take cuttings from the plant you want.  

Something Blue

A true-blue flower is one of the most rare. Why not add one to your garden in 2017, just because?

I feel confident I can keep these four resolutions and I challenge you to join me.

Garden on!

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