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The Perfect Potato Chip

The Perfect Potato Chip

"The perfect potato starts with the perfect potato right out in the field," says Todd Thaemert, of Thaemert farms in Quincy, Washington.

The Thaemert farm in Quincy, Washington has been growing the perfect potato chip potato since 1961. A business started by their father, Todd and Kevin Thaemert are carrying on the family tradition of high-quality farming for a high-quality product.

Aside from carrying on the tradition of an amazing product, the Thaemerts know they wouldn't be anywhere without an amazing, hard-working crew both in the fields and their warehouse. 

"We really put a big value on our crew," says Kevin Thaemert. "Todd and I wouldn't be here without them!"

After the field crew harvests the potatoes, the truck delivers them to the farm's warehouse. The potatoes go through a special barrel washer and the dirt is washed off the potatoes. This water used to wash the potatoes is recirculated, the mud extracted, and the cleaned water reused to wash additional potatoes to cut down on water waste. 

Before the potatoes are sent off to be made into chips, a sample batch of potatoes are sliced and cooked to test how well they'll perform at the processing plant. In this process the Thaemerts are looking for a light-colored chip, consistent size, and blemish-free once cooked.

Thaemert family farm is just one of many throughout Washington state. Currently 99% of Washington's potato farms are family-owned. 

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