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Sheep at Feustel Farms

Sheep at Feustel Farms

Feustel Farms in Lamont, Washington was homesteaded by the Feustel family in the 1800s. Today, Art & Jill Swannack are the proud owners of this beautiful farm since the 1960s and it's family operation!

Sheep are the main focus of their labors and have about 1300 head of sheep. Because sheep require sheering and hoof-trimming, managing sheep herds is more labor-intensive than cattle.

The sheep provide a dual purpose with providing product as well as contributing to sustainability on the farm. The sheep help with pasture management by keeping the grass short. They also help clean up the fields after wheat harvest by eating the stubble and crop residue.

Jill Swannack says there's nothing like farming and that you're so close to God and nature as a farmer - you really understand life cycles.

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